Joocy is a cross-platform app that will stay in sync all the time between your mobile or your desktop/laptop.

Instantly in Sync

Joocy was designed to be extremely user friendly and just a blast to use!

User Friendly

Joocy is your personal assistant at keeping important analytic statistics for your health and fitness needs.

Crucial Statistics

Joocy is iPhone 5 optimized for retina-display and ready for iOS7.

iPhone 5 Optimized

Joocy app visual

Visually Stunning

Joocy fitness app is the exact same as our users, aesthetic and extremely unique. Utilize Joocy beautiful user interface to and enhance your fitness experience and reach your fitness goals sooner. Designed with its minimalistic elements and Flat UI users will understand that Joocy is one-of-a-kind and unlike any other fitness/health app they have used in the past.

Joocy Fitness App stats

Powerful Analysis

The concept behind Joocy is the ability to provide users the ability to complete a powerful analysis based upon their fitness and health statistics. By providing stunning visual representation at the fingertips of Joocy users, they will be able to properly track and set realistic fitness and health goals for the future.

Joocy Fitness App Sync

Stay in Sync

Stay connected at all times, any and all data entered into Joocy is always in sync between all your mobile devices & desktop or laptop. While at the gym you may be on your mobile, but all your important stats are saved and ready for further analysis at the comfort of your own home.

Joocy Fitness App UI

Intuitive UI

Joocy was designed with the user experience in mind. It provides an unparalleled experience when using the app. With both a drop down menu & easy to use navigation buttons on the dashboard, Joocy is as easy to use as a single click or a tap.

Joocy Fitness App

Crucial Statistics Anytime

When designing the Joocy fitness app there was an understanding that our users live active lifestyles. One of the key features of Joocy is the ability to keep track of your important statistics anywhere you are. Joocy users will be able to instantly bring up and compare their important stats anytime and anywhere.

Joocy Fitness App - Connect with Friends

Connect With Your Friends

Joocy not only offers an easy to use user interface, that tracks information, but also communicating with your friends and family. Joocy enables you to add friends or family into groups that you can send messages to. It’s a great way to expand your social experience when working out. Has that guy helped spot your lift once before? Ask him if he uses Joocy and add him into your Joocy group.

What Other People Are Saying About Joocy?

Joocy app was so easy to use. It made tracking for my long term goals that much easier!

Joocy Fitness

I love Joocy! Aesthetic and powerful.

Joocy Fitness

Joocy is my favorite workout app because of it's flexibility.

Joocy Fitness